The most exclusive yacht clubs

Everyone dreams to be on a yacht but few people afford one. If yachting is your hobby and you do not own one, there are many clubs where you will find boats for rent. Their services do not stop here because there are also various trainings and notorious competitions available for members. Choose the most exclusive yacht clubs to compete with other people passionate about sailing.

Discover the most exclusive clubs

There are numerous yacht clubs looking for members but only some of them manage to gain customers trust and worldwide popularity. New York Yacht Club is believed to be the best one given its heritage and current facilities. Not only that its history is imposing but the current racing and cruising options are exquisite. Competitions like Queen’s cup or Invitational cup are famous, gathering important people from the industry. Yacht Club de Monaco is another special place where the most luxurious royal boats race for local and international cups. This prestigious club takes you to the noble world of royalty.

Exclusive yachting is possible only in expensive destinations for tourists like islands. Nova Scotia is such an island that attracts only high class tourists looking for adventure. This place is known for the amazing competitions organized by Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, a club which has members from all over the world. Those passionate about sailing participate to Halifax International Boat Show or Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race. These are just two of the races available for members. If you look for a more intimate place, choose Lunenburg club. You will also find great facilities and a gorgeous location.

Spoil yourself with a yacht sailing experience at the most exclusive clubs in the world. Nova Scotia is a glamorous destination where you will definitely find a part of the most exquisite yachting competitions to participate in.